What is Influencer Marketing?

A type of viral word of mouth, using influencers as a marketing tool has been helping businesses for decades. Recently, however, Influencer marketing has reached new heights as the trend moves into the internet and onto social media sites where larger amounts of consumers are easier to reach than, say, going door to door.

How It Works

Influencer marketing works by having someone with a lot of influence back your company or product. They can show their support through several ways. A way this has been done in decades past that most people are familiar with is when a sport’s team or race care driver gets support from a company. The sport’s team may hang banners at their stadium, and a NASCAR driver will have a patch on his jacket or car.

Influencer marketing

This functions as a large-scale word of mouth. Word of mouth is the oldest form of marketing, commonly called “the grapevine,” and continues to show noteworthy results. The way this works is one happy customer or promoter tells a few friends, and each of them tells a few more. Eventually, you’ll had thousands of people exposed to your brand by telling just one person. The only difference here is that more people are reached in a shorter period.

Moving into The Modern World

In the modern world, it does not take thousands or millions of dollars to utilize this form of marketing. The elite of social media practice influencer marketing and can be enlisted to help for a mere fraction of a fraction of what professional athletes may cost.

A few ways influencers can now get your company or product out in front of their fans include:

·    Reviews, posted on blogs or video recorded for YouTube

·    Shout outs on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook

·    Wearing ‘swag’ (items from your company) in their pictures, profile or otherwise

·    Hosting giveaways of your item for their fans, while simultaneously telling people why they would want it

·    Writing blog posts praising your company, or simply mentioning an item which you sell

This works so well because the ‘social media elite’ have massive amounts of followers who are incredibly loyal. Enlisting the help of just one of them could put your brand in front of ten thousand or more people. Those people will then express interest and possibly share your message, which begins the ripple effect of traditional word-of-mouth.